Welcome to Joan Kaplowitz’s “Transform Your Teaching” website. The purpose of this site is to provide a place for Information Literacy Instruction librarians to learn how to improve, enhance and energize their teaching endeavors. Joan shares what she has learned from her over 23 years of teaching and offers Teaching Tips, suggests Readings, and describes her Principles for Effective Teaching as she encourages you to Listen! Engage! and Inspire!

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You can find out more about Joan’s work by reading About Joan and scanning her Publications and Presentations. Joan also offers customized Workshops on a variety of Information Literacy Instruction topics.

Please join Joan in an exploration of the wonderful world of Information Literacy Instruction.


Want to “Transform Your Teaching”? Joan can facilitate workshops for you and your colleagues on a variety of topics. More →

Practically Speaking:
Teaching Tips for Information Literacy Instruction

What are your favorite teaching techniques? This is the place to share your hints, tips and ideas for effective information literacy instruction. Some of Joan’s ideas are included to start things off. More →

Listen! Engage! Inspire! Joan’s Principles for Effective Information Literacy Instruction

Know your audience.
Invite everyone into the dance of learning.
You can lead a learner to knowledge, but you can’t make him/her learn. More →

Who is Joan Kaplowitz?

Joan R. Kaplowitz has a Doctorate in Psychology as well as a Master’s in Library Science. She retired in 2007 after 23 years as a librarian at UCLA. Dr. Kaplowitz worked at UCLA since… More →